I will be unavailable from December 27  for Pickups

Above is the farming tank 20 feet long, 4 feet wide and 14 inches deep, 600 - 650 gallons. 

       Welcome to my site dedicated to farming small polyp stony corals. Under the title "Farmed corals" you will find pictures and information on the corals I am currently farming. Some pictures can be clicked-on to see a close up view of normal polyp extension, skeletal details and coloration. The larger picture can be clicked on to return back to where you were in the list. All of my coral fragments now come mounted and in most cases incrusting on glass disks, this provides a stable foundation from which to grow and handle the coral without damaging it The blue lids you see on the system are there to reduce the sun lights intensity to that attainable in the average reef tank using 250 watt DE halide lights 12 -18 inches from the bulb and a duration of 8 to10hr. The corals are Identified to the best of my abilities using the three volume set "Corals of the World" by Jen Veron, this is mainly used as a guideline for typical colony growth form. All prices listed include tax.

    I try to make most O.C. frag swaps, and you can find me at the SCMAS meetings on the third Friday of every month. I am located in Costa Mesa, CA. 92626.  Not far from the 405 freeway and Harbor Blvd. exit. You can reach me at 714-914-2953. Local pickups are possible on Sundays from 10am to 2pm but you must call me prior to specify a time and I will give you driving directions.
Sorry, I will not ship.

 If you e-mail me be sure to put the word "Coral" in the subject line so It does not end up in the junk mail.
You can e-mail me at: Steve1714@hotmail.com          

Up coming events:

I will be at the next SCMAS (frag and equipment swap) meeting Friday January 15th




ReefRaft Pink Floyd PinkPanther JambaJuice purple monster walddisney acroSteve Garrett The fallowing are considered SPS corals;
Acropora abrolhosensis Acropora abrotanodides Acropora aculeus Acropora acuminata Acropora akajimensis Acropora anthocercis Acropora appressa Acropora arabensis Acropora aspera Acropora austera Acropora awi Acropora azurea Acropora batunai Acropora bifurcata Acropora branchi Acropora brueggemanni Acropora bushyensis Acropora cardenae Acropora carduus Acropora caroliniana Acropora cerealis Acropora cevicornis Acropora chesterfieldensis Acropora clathrata Acropora convexa Acropora cophodactyla Acropora copiosa Acropora corymbosa Acropora crateriformis Acropora cuneata Acropora cylindrica Acropora cytherea Acropora danai Acropora dendrum Acropora derawanensis Acropora desalwii Acropora digitifera Acropora divaricata Acropora donei Acropora downingi Acropora echinata Acropora efflorescens Acropora elegans Acropora elegantula Acropora elizabethensis Acropora elseyi Acropora exquisita Acropora fastigata Acropora fenneri Acropora filiformis Acropora florida Acropora formosa Acropora forskali Acropora gemmifera Acropora glauca Acropora globiceps Acropora gomezi Acropora grandis Acropora granulosa Acropora haimei Acropora halmaherae Acropora hemprichii Acropora hoeksemai Acropora horrida Acropora humilis Acropora indiana Acropora indonesia Acropora inermis Acropora insignis Acropora intermedia
Acropora irregularis Acropora jacquelineae Acropora japonica Acropora kimbeensis Acropora kirstyae Acropora kosurini Acropora lamarcki Acropora latistella Acropora lianae Acropora listeri Acropora loisetteae Acropora lokani Acropora longicyathus Acropora loripes Acropora lovelli Acropora lutkeni Acropora macrostoma Acropora maryae Acropora massawensis Acropora meridiana Acropora microclados Acropora microphthalma Acropora millepora Acropora minuta Acropora mirabilis Acropora monticulosa Acropora mossambica Acropora multiacuta Acropora muricata Acropora nana Acropora nasuta Acropora natalensis Acropora navini Acropora nobilis Acropora ocellata Acropora orbicularis Acropora palifera Acropora palmata Acropora palmerae Acropora paniculata Acropora papillare Acropora parahemprichii Acropora parapharaonis Acropora parilis Acropora pectinatus Acropora pharaonis Acropora pichoni Acropora pinguis Acropora plana Acropora plantanginea Acropora plumosa Acropora polystoma Acropora prolifera Acropora prostrata Acropora proximalis Acropora pruinosa Acropora pulchra Acropora rambleri Acropora retusa Acropora robusta Acropora rosaria Acropora roseni Acropora rudis Acropora rufus Acropora russelli Acropora samoensis Acropora sarmentosa Acropora scherzeriana Acropora schmitti Acropora secale Acropora sekiseiensis Acropora selago Acropora seriata Acropora simplex Acropora solitaryensis Acropora sordiensis Acropora spathulata Acropora speciosa Acropora spicifera Acropora squarrosa Acropora stoddarti Acropora striata Acropora subglabra Acropora subulata Acropora suharsonoi Acropora sukarnoi Acropora tanegashimensis Acropora tenella Acropora tenuis Acropora teres Acropora tizardi Acropora togianensis Acropora torihalimeda Acropora torresiana Acropora tortuosa Acropora tumida Acropora turaki Acropora tutuilensis Acropora valenciennesi Acropora valida Acropora variabilis Acropora variolosa Acropora vaughani Acropora vermiculata Acropora verweyi Acropora walindii Acropora wallaceae Acropora wardii Acropora willisae Acropora yongei Heliopora coerulea Montipora aequituberculata Montipora altasepta Montipora angulata Montipora aspergillus Montipora australiensis Montipora cactus Montipora calcarea Montipora caliculata Montipora capitata Montipora capricornis Montipora cebuensis Montipora circumvallata Montipora cocosensis Montipora confusa Montipora corbettensis Montipora crassituberculata Montipora cryptus Montipora danae Montipora delicatula Montipora digitata Montipora dilatata Montipora echinata Montipora efflorescens Montipora effusa Montipora flabellata Montipora florida Montipora floweri Montipora foliosa Montipora foveolata Montipora friabilis Montipora gaimardi Montipora grisea Montipora hemispherica Montipora hirsuta Montipora hispida Montipora hodgsoni Montipora hoffmeisteri Montipora incrassata Montipora informis Montipora kellye Montipora lobulata Montipora mactanensis Montipora malampaya Montipora meandrina Montipora millepora Montipora mollis Montipora monasteriata Montipora niugini Montipora nodosa Montipora orientalis Montipora pachytuberculata Montipora palawanensis Montipora patula Montipora peltiformis Montipora porites Montipora pulcherrima Montipora samarensis Montipora saudii Montipora setosa Montipora spongiosa Montipora spongodes Montipora spumosa Montipora stella Montipora stilosa Montipora taiwanensis Montipora tuberculosa Montipora turgescens Montipora turtlensis Montipora undata Montipora venosa Montipora verrilli Montipora verrucosa Montipora verruculosus Montipora vietnamensis Pocillopora ankeli Pocilloporacapitata Pocillopora damicornis Pocillopora danae Pocillopora effusus Pocillopora elegans Pocillopora eydouxi Pocillopora fungiformis Pocillopora indiania Pocillopora inflata Pocillopora kelleheri Pocillopora ligulata Pocillopora meandrina Pocillopora molokensis Pocillopora verrucosa Pocillopora woodjonesi Pocillopora zelli Stylophora pistillata Stylophora dane Stylophora kuehlmanni Stylophora madagascarensis Stylophora mamillata Stylophora mordax Stylophora subseriata Stylophora wesllsi Seriatopora aculeata Seriatopora caliendrum Seriatopora dendritica Seriatopora guttatus Seriatopora hystrix Seriatopora stellata milleporina Pavona Oxypora Hydnophora bonsai Hydnophora exesa Hydnophora grandis Hydnophora microconos Hydnophora pilosa Hydnophora rigida Turbinaria Astreopora Cyphastrea Back yard coral farming, Umi Blue Xenia, purple monster lime in the sky