Umi Blue Xenia
Below are example fragments, approximately 1" tall and a little over one inch wide when fully open
Taken under a 20K halide lighting

 Below shows how blue this Xenia (left) is compared to the to Cespitularia (right).
Taken under a 20K halide lighting

Here is a shot of my tank at home with the Umi Blue Xenia in the front with some zoas

same xenia 5 months later

Under 14k lightning the blue seems even more intense (top down view)

Under 14k lightning  (side view)

This is the oddest growth i have seen a Xenia do

It all started with this tiny 1/4" blue speck that I acquired as a hitch hiker on a Aqua cultured coral
 back in February 2008 (Taken under a 20K halide lighting)
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